Indian Heritage: Step towards Pure Sciences

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July 8, 2012 by Indian Schools of Thought

The incredible heights achieved by the indian science and philosophy are not taught to us in our present educational system.  This great theory of the evolution of the Universe plays an important role in the psyche  of Indian people.  It influenced the pusuit in sciences like astronomy, atomic theory of Kanada, Ayurveda.  Charaka the compiler of Ayurvedic principles has expounded Sankhya and used it as basis of the practices of the Ayurvedic practices and treatment.The preceptors of Buddha, Adar Kalama and Udaka belonged to the school of Sankhya.  Budhism took the essence of Sankhya and became first Godless religion of the world.

The discovery of the God’s particle of special interest to the admirer of Sankhya as it was the first human thought towards understanding the formation of the universe from the primordial matter.


The Godless doctrine of primordial matter ,(NIRISHWARA PRADHANA KARANA VADA)

PRAKRITI is one entity but is composed of the opposite elements of SATVA,RAJAS, TAMAS


RAJAS  is the cause of all activity and energizing.

TAMAS is responsible for inertia and restraint of activity. Causal connection is not irreversible.

Qualities not present originally in any of the component factors may emerge subsequently when the factors are combined together.

The SANKHYA  system possesses a unique interest in the history of thought as embodying the earliest clear of comprehensive account of the process of cosmic evolution, viewed not as a mere a metaphysical speculation but as a positive principle, based on the conservation, the transformation and dissipation of energy.

Primitive matter  the PRADHANA alone is the ultimate Reality.  First cause of the world.


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